“Same Girl”

Memorial Weekend is here and do you know what your going to wear??? White is a perfect option, and thats why I chose this Celebrity Inspiration! Not only do I love what Jennifer Lopez a.k.a JLo is wearing, but I also think is perfect to rock this memorial weekend! I am wearing my Crop Top and Denim shorts from www.charlotterusse.com, Purse www.express.com and also I am wearing heels from JLos collection from www.khols.com. Now, some of the items like the purse and the heels are not available online, but you can find them in store! Or you can always find something similar! The point is to get as close as possible to the look!

Direct link to;

Crop top: http://m.charlotterusse.com/product/Tops/Crop-Tops-Bustiers/entity/pc/3047/c/0/sc/2711/260704.uts
Denim Shorts: http://m.charlotterusse.com/product/Bottoms/Shorts/entity/pc/3390/c/0/sc/2634/258771.uts









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