Anything but Basic!

I am so excited to be back! Finally the good weather is back in Kansas.  I mean theres never really good weather in kansas, but at least it was good enough for some shots! I am wearing head to toes and hear are the direct links:
High Heels-
Midi Skirt: (similar, mine wasnt available online)
TOP- (Similar)
Top #2-
Hat- I couldnt find the one im wearing, but I found you guys 2 similar ones, around the same price!
Option #1 –
Option #2-

Purse is MK-  but I couldnt find the one I have, so here is something similar
And something more affordable
I appoligize for not being able to find the originals, but sometimes online doesnt have what the stores have or vise versa! Either way I tried lol








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5 responses to “Anything but Basic!

  1. I love your outfit! Especially the shoes!
    I’m a starting fashion blogger, feel free to check out my blog 🙂

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