Anything but Basic, Part 2

Hello, and Happy Easter everyone! A few days ago I posted a look, “Anything but Basic”, and I decided to make a second part to it! The reason is sometimes we love some pieces to much, and we think there is only a 1 way we can use them! And truth is there is endeless ways you can change it up! By addind and subtracting pieces; And thats exactly what I did! I change it to a more edgy look, I hope you guys can notice the changes lol!







And here is both looks side by side


Direct Links:
Necklace- (something similar)
Handbag-(similar coach)

The rest of the items you can find them in my previous post! I hope you enjoy! And dont forget to follow me in



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8 responses to “Anything but Basic, Part 2

  1. fiercevillain

    You have a great blog :)) just followed
    If you have time, please check out my fashion blog

  2. In love with your outfit! ❤

  3. I am loving this look, that necklace is fabulous! I love the blog, great posts, I can’t wait to follow and read more from you(:

  4. Love this look! Especially the skirt. I love denim skirts *_*

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