Dark Coachella

Hello!! Well, I know I said that I might or I was going to do a celebrity inspiration outfit for my next post, but then I remember that Coachella is happening soon; I love Coachella, its actually in my bucketlist of things to do before I die.  Hopefully next year I can plan something with my friends! I decide to call my look Dark Coachella, because black its not very usual, at least not the outfits I seen on pics of the people who go! But I LOVE black! Im usually wearing something black as part of my outfit! I hope you guys enjoy! 🙂 Direct links Below⬇


FyI I did change my shoes, just to give you guys more options!







Dark Roses HeadBand-http://m.charlotterusse.com/product/Accessories/Hair/entity/pc/2116/c/0/sc/3234/284220.uts (similar)
Romper-http://m.charlotterusse.com/product/Dresses/Jumpsuits-Rompers/entity/pc/3021/c/0/sc/2628/285954.uts (similar)
Gladiator Sandals- I bought mine in http://www.colorsOfAurora.com but that was like 2 years ago! I found you guys something similar and CHEAPER!
My high heels are from http://www.charlotteRusse.com but honestly it was a while ago when I got them! Im sure you guys have something cute and similar in your closet! My point was just to give an idea!


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