My Thrift Experience!

Its been a while since I wanted to do a thrift look or a very unexpensive! So, thats what I did! I went for the first time to a thrift shop( Goodwill) and im not going to lie, it was a little different and time consuming lol; but if you happen to have at least 2 hours to find something, then its a good investment of time. 

In this time I did.  I knew I woulndt find something right away, but i did!  After 2 hours of look and looking I found this cool silky skirt for $1 and i found one other skirt, 1 top from banana republic, a blazer from forever21 which happen to be new! And a pearl bracelet! All that for $8! I was impressed and excited!






The purse was bought in a vintage shop for $5.  Crop top I got it on sale for $5 at
With out counting my shoes, the outfit price was only $11 🙂 not bad for #OOTn


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