Spring Vibes

Today was such a beautiful day! Seriously it didnt feel like a winter in Kansas, but then again the weather has been very crazy lately.  The dress I am wearing today, is the perfect off white color to wear with nude heels! I used my Coach olive/nude purse to give it a little touch! This look you can make it a day or night!


Let me tell you guys about the brand of this dress called Self Fridge it is from the UK, London! Very popular over there, not so much in the US.  At least not yet!  I will recomend you guys to check out the website; the prices are reasonable and the quality is amazing! Check it out!  P.s hope you guys the look! And Dont forget to follow!







Cop my Style (look alikes on  SALE)
                            DRESS 👗
                            HAND BAG 👜
                            Nude Heels 👡



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2 responses to “Spring Vibes

  1. White and nude looks fab on you! Have a good week! ( :

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