Yeezy Inspired Part 1

We all know how popular yeezy’s seasons have been.  To be honest I think they are very chill, im not sure how  fashion foward they actually are, but people seem to support it.  I was more inspired on how the Kardashians sisters actually rocked the line; Specially Kourtney! I think her style has change to a more classy and relax style. I love it! I used to be ALL about Kim, but lately is been more Kourt!  She is also the one who got me obesses with over the knee boots.  Hope you guys love my look!






(P.s let me know in a comment if you would like me to do an inspired fashion for less look in Kourtney Kardashian

Get my Style (similar)
Top- White Tunic
Leggings- faux leather leggings
Boots-Over The Knee Boots



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2 responses to “Yeezy Inspired Part 1

  1. Nice post 🙂 You look great!
    Thanks for visiting and starting to follow my blog, dear friend! 🙂
    It is my pleasure to visit yours, you have a unique blog!


  2. tom

    Love the look. Step aside Kourt

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