Inner Gigi

Gigi has been catching my attention lately with her lovely style.  I think she is been standing out from the crowd, and doing her own thing.  I usually do my celebrity inspirations on celebrities that have similar body shape to mine.  Obviously, Gigi doesnt but this outfit I think it worked out very well for me.  Most of the items I already had them in my closet;  that was the best part! Always, before you go shopping look to see what you already have, because you will be surprised everything you will find in your closet! This off white coat I already had it, and never had worned it! Thats what inspired me to do it!  Click on the links below for similar items!





             Get My Look: (click below)
                          BF Jeans
                          Hand Bag



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6 responses to “Inner Gigi

  1. Love it! I especially love the heels (I’m a heels gal!)

  2. Daniela Soriano

    Amazing outfit, you look stunning!

  3. tom

    Who is this Gigi. If she is the one on the left, you got her beat by a mile.

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