Polkadots Obsess

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to share with you guys this awesome collaboration I am doing with EShakti! The great deal with this brand, is that they do for you what celebrities get done in their clothes! They customize it to fit perfect! I always wanted to try something like that, because I have to have a very small waist, but not so thin bottom; Usually I buy bug sizes skirts, but they always fit big on my waist! But EShakti has you cover! Check my skirt out! I am totally obsess with it, its exactly what I been looking for and it fits perfect on my waist! On the bottom I will provide you with a discount that you can use at check out!



Use code: “Zaifashion” at check out and get 10% of ur purchase!! Valid from 4/20/16- 5/20/16!! Hurry!!



Direct link – Polka Dot Skirt



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5 responses to “Polkadots Obsess

  1. I know this post is meant to highlight the skirt, but I adore your heels!

  2. Awesome! I never shop there but I keep getting told there’s some deals every once in a while lol.

  3. What a cute outfit! Polka dots are so fun to wear!
    Here’s my love for it:

    Vivienne X

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